Doctorlink is simplifying the path to better health and wellbeing. By partnering with healthcare providers across the globe, we improve patient demand management and health outcomes through our digital clinical engagement solutions.

In the UK, Doctorlink works with more than 400 GP practices covering 3.5 million patients to relieve pressures on Primary Care. Using its safe, clinically robust triaging algorithms, it is streamlining access to GP services and directing patients to the right care at the right time, whether this is a pharmacy, out of hours service or urgent care centre.

HealthMarch 28, 2019
The Argument for the Digital Front Door
Could a greater impact on the health of a nation actually come from looking firstly at primary care or even pre-primary care and the impact of digital solutions? asks Mindy Daeschner, Chief Commercial Strategy & Marketing Officer of DoctorLink.

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