Health March 26, 2020
ROUNDUP: Global cases of Covid-19 surpass half a million

By Fabian Sutch-Daggett - World Healthcare Journal

The US coronavirus death toll has passed 1,000, as the nation becomes the third-worst affected in the world, recording 75,000 cases. Spain continues to struggle under the burden of the crisis as healthcare workers begin to run out of supplies. Here are the latest coronavirus updates from around the world: 

  • The US death toll has surged past 1,000, and millions of citizens have now filed for unemployment benefits, reaching a record high of 3.28m, according to Reuters. This is almost five times the amount of those who filed for unemployment in the 2008 financial crisis. Cases have continued to soar in the nation, now reaching nearly 75,000, surpassing Spain. Despite this, President Donald Trump maintains that he wishes the economy to reopen “by Easter. ” 

  • Spain continues to be battered by the Covid-19 pandemic, reporting 711 deaths today, bringing the total up to 4,145, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University. Healthcare workers are badly affected by the virus, with the number of medical personnel infected standing at more than 6,500 nationally, representing a large proportion of the total cases recorded in the nation. At least three healthcare workers are reported to have died.

  • The UK Government has increased its target for NHS volunteers after more than 500,000 signed up to assist the NHS – double the number the government initially asked for. This comes as cases in the UK have now surpassed nearly 10,000 - an increase of more than 1,400 in a single day. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, also announced a new scheme to support the self-employed through the crisis.

  • Japan has announced the creation of a coronavirus “task-force” to prevent the “rampant” spread of the disease in the nation. Today, Tokyo reported its largest jump in cases yet, and health officials expect an “explosive” rise in cases, akin to Europe, America, or China. Japan has not yet declared a state of emergency, but if they do, officials will be able to implement quarantine measures which have already been seen in many nations around the world.

  • The death toll in Italy has increased by 662 up to 8,165 - however, new cases in the worst-hit northern regions have seen the lowest daily growth since the outbreak began, with WHO describing the slowing pace “encouraging”. However, deaths in the south of Italy are sharply rising - indicating that the worst still may be yet to come for the nation.

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