ROUNDUP: Global cases of Covid-19 surpass 440,000

By - World Healthcare Journal

Covid-19 cases have now surpassed more than 440,000 around the world, and the global death toll has continued to escalate, with Spain now overtaking China in deaths from Covid-19. Here are the coronavirus updates from around the world:

  • The US has secured a monumental $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package to ensure businesses, citizens, and healthcare services continue to operate through the pandemic. After struggles earlier this week after Congress failed to pass the economic rescue bill twice, last night White House and Senate leaders from both political parties reached an agreement on the emergency legislation. This is the largest economic rescue package in recorded history.

  • Spain continues to be badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic after the official death toll surpassed that of China. Deaths from Covid-19 have increased by 738 in less than 24 hours, and cases have risen by nearly 8,000 - the worst day yet for the nation. Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez is set to extend the nation’s lockdown later today for a further two weeks.

  • France has now suffered more than 1,000 deaths from coronavirus, the fifth nation in the world to do so - an increase of 240 since yesterday. This comes as yesterday chief scientific advisors in France estimated that the current lockdown measures may have to stay in place for 6 weeks.

  • An Oxford University study has suggested that coronavirus may have infected more than half of the UK’s population. If the model the study utilises is correct, then fewer than one in 1,000 coronavirus carriers will likely require hospitalisation, and the vast majority of those who have Covid-19 require little to no treatment at all.

  • More than 400,000 people have signed up to volunteer for the NHS in the UK, after the Health Secretary yesterday announced an initiative to recruit 250,000 people to assist the NHS in the coronavirus crisis. Volunteers are expected to deliver medicines to those who are self-isolating, assist those who cannot leave their homes with essential needs and provide wellbeing support to those who need it.

  • The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani has announced that both new cases and deaths from coronavirus are declining in the country. He also added that the temporary release of prisoners due to the Covid-19 outbreak in state prisons has been extended to April 19th, and the nation is set to remain under lockdown until April 3rd. The death toll in Iran currently stands at 2,077, and at least 27,000 cases have been confirmed in total.

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