Venice’s first event since lockdown is a tribute to health workers

By Francesco Tamilia - World Healthcare Journal

Around 200 Gondolas and other boats paraded along Venice’s iconic Grand Canal on Sunday to mark “a new beginning” and to thank the medical staff for their tireless efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event, called “Vogada de la Rinascita", saw hundreds of rowers paying tribute, alongside Venice’s Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, to a representative team of health workers who came to receive a well-deserved tribute.

Speaking to local media, Mr Brugnaro said the objective of the event was to attract news attention to show that the city is alive. “Now doctors should be thanked with some financial support as well,” he added.

Venice’s region Veneto was one of the worst-hit regions in Italy. To date, it has registered more than 2,000 deaths and nearly 20,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. As World Healthcare Journal has previously reported, the city has experienced an unreal quietness during the lockdown. The famous Venetian streets that usually hosts millions of tourists every year were left empty.

Yesterday’s event brings back hope to the residents and the tourists around the world that can now visit and experience the breath-taking feelings that Venice offers.

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