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By Reddy Sanikommu - World Healthcare Journal

Knowing your own health is the first step towards happy and healthy living says Reddy Sanikommu, Medintu Founder.

As digital health makes even greater forays into overall healthcare solutions, patients are rightly confused about how digital fits into their medical history. While it can be helpful to access a doctor via an app at any time to suit them, how does the consultation and information fit into their overall story?

The UK has the largest amount of patient data available, dating back to the founding of the NHS more than 70 years ago. But until now patients have not been completely involved in owning their medical history. Now with pressures on healthcare, patients are becoming more involved, and are finding themselves with more choices about how to manage their wellbeing.

"Early intervention in managing your own health could reduce life risk for you and your loved ones"

However, prioritising health and wellbeing in the modern working world is hard. Time is often pressing and it can be difficult to get in touch with the right specialist. Even if they have managed to find the time to see a healthcare provider, it’s not always easy to see the bigger picture.

Medintu was born out of a desire to give people better access to healthcare and a more personalised approach to their wellbeing. “One of the problems is that the user can’t maintain their own medical records,” says Reddy who founded the company in Sunderland in the north east of England. “They often know little about the specialist to whom they may have been referred, while the specialist knows little or nothing about the patients. ”

How digital technology can help

As an international digital healthcare service, MedIntu is dedicated to making healthcare more personalised and accessible to everyone. “Our key vision is to help people live a better, healthier life in the busy working world,” says Reddy. “So you, as the owner of your medical records, can share it with the specialist, rather than hoping the specialist has a record of your health history. The specialist can access your record online and then understand various other elements like allergies, medical conditions and current medication. ”

This approach is particularly relevant in countries without an integrated or advanced healthcare structure. Reddy has found a willing market in India, where the burgeoning middle classes are looking to access the many medical advances in their own country, rather than going abroad to seek treatment.

It’s particularly successful in the tech city of Bangalore where people are already plugged into the benefits of digital tech in general. With 110,000 users already on the system, MedIntu is finding that a business to business approach is more effective at this early stage.

“We found that individuals were enthusiastic about filling out the information forms at first, but then it tailed off. So we now have a service wrapped around a business platform where we do the assessments for individuals and then they can update their information. ”

One of MedIntu’s largest clients is the State Police Department of Andrapradesh. Its 65,000 employees are all enrolled in the scheme and can access all aspects of healthcare, from information, GP and consultant appointments, online consultations, private medical tests, a wellbeing profile and counsellor, and events and webinars.

"We want to give everyone an opportunity to bring their lifestyle, medical and Internet of Things devices information together to get better insights into their own health and seek guidance from specialists at their own convenience via the app"

“By simplifying access to health support, the company benefits as well as the employees,” says Reddy. “Our system enables people to have quick access to resolve their health issues and also focusses on prevention. This reduces sick leave and improves productivity by creating a happier and healthier workforce. ”

Holistic approach

From the ever-increasing speed of digital communication to the growing demands of our 24/7 culture, the evidence suggests that employees are getting more stressed, not less. The app-based system creates a wellbeing journey for each individual, including medical health, mental health, healthy diet and exercise, mindfulness, sleep, stress management and financial wellness.

The aim is to create a joined-up system of patients, doctors, consultants and medical facilities, subscribing to Medintu, that does not allow patients to fall through the cracks. In addition, it also creates an overall health picture for each company or geographic area, revealing its stresses and pinpointing potential improvements.

The system allows access to specialists in fields such as mental health, nutrition, physiotherapy and fitness conveniently accessible all time from anywhere. As users continue to access services online, the system will automatically build their health record which can be used for better diagnosis in the future.

“We want to give everyone the opportunity to manage their own health information and to access treatment via the app at their own convenience,” Reddy says. “This should improve outcomes for the patient and give them the confidence to proactively manage their own health, rather than waiting too long to seek treatment. ”

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