Dr. Mark Britnell emphasises the importance of tackling the global healthcare workforce crisis

By - World Healthcare Journal

Dr. Mark Britnell emphasises the importance of tackling the global healthcare workforce crisis

Dr. Mark Britnell, Global Chairman for Health, Government & Infrastructure at KPMG International, emphasises the importance of tackling the global healthcare workforce crisis at the launch of his new book, Human.


Following the success of his award-winning and globally commended debut book ‘In Search of the Perfect Health System’, Dr. Mark Britnell launched his second book, ‘Human: solving the global workforce crisis in Healthcare’ in London. ‘Human’ aims to illuminate the workforce crisis we are currently facing by refocusing the health debate on the human aspect of healthcare.


Speaking at the launch were Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England; Ms Sangita Reddy, Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals; The Lord Nigel Crisp; Dr Mark Britnell himself; The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock, and a closing statement by the Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK, Angela Culhane, Dr Britnell is donating all his royalties from the sale of ‘Human’to Prostate Cancer UK who supported the event.


It is estimated that by 2030 the NHS has to fill 190,000 clinical posts, an increase of 15% from the current workforce. Globally, the world faces a shortfall of “at least 18m  workers” in the same time frame, according to the author. ‘Human’ attempts to help find the solution to this fast-approaching global crisis by presenting ten solutions, all of which are individually readable in “as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee”. Mark Britnell has faith in each and every one of the proposed ideas in the book, as he has “seen human beings build these solutions at scale” all across the world, having worked in 77 countries on over 330 occasions. He ended his speech powerfully, stating that “I don’t want you to read the book for me, it’s not about me - the book is a call to action. There is nothing we can’t achieve, if we decide to act, and now is the time to act. ”


The launch touched on many important themes throughout, perhaps most importantly  the current relationship we have with technology. Ms Sangita Reddy pointed out that people are “banking differently, they’re travelling differently, they’re entertaining themselves differently - and they’re demanding a buzz; that healthcare is different”. Part of the book’s aim is to examine the relationship between humans and technology, and how we can use this to our advantage facing the global workforce crisis.


The Lord Nigel Crisp, who wrote the foreword to the book, stated that ‘Human’ is a “timely, and actually an optimistic book” and that its greatest achievement is to “rebalance the whole health debate” by shifting the focus from entirely economic and technological approaches to a more connected one, with humanity at the centre. The Secretary of State for Health & Social Care Matt Hancock affirmed this too, stating that “the purpose of technology is to improve the human condition, it must be hewn to our benefit, not to its own -- and I think that the book articulates this brilliantly. It highlights a huge challenge, to which we must, and we will, rise”.


As the Global Chairman for Healthcare, Government & Infrastructure at KPMG International, Mark Britnell oversees revenues of $6 billion supporting 40,000 staff across 157 countries.


He is one of the foremost global experts on healthcare systems and has a pioneering and inspiring global vision for health in both the developed and developing world. Mark has dedicated his entire professional life to healthcare and has led organisations at local, regional, national and global levels – provider and payer, public and private.

Human – Solving the global workforce crisis in healthcare by Dr Mark Britnell is published by Oxford University Press

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