Battling the Pandemic

By - World Healthcare Journal

How the UK's experience with coronavirus is set to help developing countries manage the crisis

The spread of Covid-19 has not been even across the world and the response has also been widely divergent. The UK health sector response to Covid-19 showed public sector resilience and the benefits of a single, free at the point of delivery health system through the NHS response. It also revealed innovation and collaboration through the private sector response.

As demand soared, the private sector assisted in terms of ramping up supply chains, helping to source PPE and create the outstanding ‘Nightingale’ hospitals, temporary healthcare facilities in exhibition centres.

Now UK companies are offering their support and knowledge base through UKIHMA, the UK International Healthcare Management Association, bringing together the skills and experience needed to provide a comprehensive response to the Covid-19 threat.

“UKIHMA is an organisation that offers a front door for overseas governments and healthcare providers to the UK health sector” says UKIHMA general manager Jenny Scott. “We bring together public sector NHS organisations and the best suppliers, consultants, educators and providers from the private sector to provide a one stop shop for countries looking for Covid solutions. ” 

At the height of the crisis, millions took to their doorsteps and balconies to show their support for the National Health Service (NHS) and its workers. Messages and rainbow drawings appeared in windows across the country, showing the public’s appreciation.

“While we were doing some advisory work for the NHS in the early days of Covid, it became clear there was a diversity of UK organisations coming together to help resolve the issues brought up by the pandemic,” says Andy Ward of WHI Consulting.

Following the World Bank offer of more than $12 billion in finance to help over 40 countries deal with the pandemic, UKIHMA’s response covers all the questions a department of health, government or hospital facing their own Covid crisis might ask.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, one of London’s largest public healthcare trusts, offers insight into the ways in which a hospital can organise itself to deal with the onset and demand challenges Covid brings. Other partners such as Mott MacDonald who, along with Archus and other UKIHMA members, helped build and equip the Nightingale temporary hospitals in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Other organisations include Kooth and the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust which have provided support to the countless thousands whose mental health has been affected by lockdown. Methods Analytics have provided the big data and analytical modelling to help understand the virus.

The UK has also led the way in terms of its use of data and analytics to help manage and mitigate the crisis. Close monitoring of infection and death rates at a local and national level has allowed the country to slowly release lockdown measures and be reactive at a local level to ensure infection and transmission rates are closely managed.

Now that Britain’s daily case rates are beginning to level off, the capacity for the UK to offer assistance to other nations is growing day-by-day. Through organisations such as UKIHMA, the world can benefit from the knowledge that the UK has gleaned not just through the coronavirus pandemic, but decades of healthcare expertise.

To find out more about UKIHMA and its COVID response offer please email UKIHMA General Manager Jenny Scott at 

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