Health March 31, 2020
ROUNDUP: Global coronavirus cases peak 800,000 

By Fabian Sutch-Daggett - World Healthcare Journal

The coronavirus today reached another grim landmark, surpassing 800,000 confirmed cases. Possibly thousands more across the globe have gone unreported. WHO has warned that the outbreak in Asia is “far from over,” as quarantine restrictions begin to be lifted. Deaths in the US and UK continue to rise, with the US now surpassing 3,000 deaths from the virus, and the UK jumping by 393 deaths to 1,808, the largest single-day increase yet. Here are the latest developments from around the world: 

  • WHO has stated that the outbreak in Asia is “far from over,” and is urging countries to continually prepare for further spread of the disease, warning that risk of coronavirus in the region will not go away until the global pandemic ends. “Let me be clear - the epidemic is far from over in Asia and the Pacific. This is going to be a long-term battle and we cannot let down our guard,” Takeshi Kasai, WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific, said in a press briefing today. “We need every country to be preparing for large-scale community transmission. ” 

  • Deaths in the US have surpassed 3,100 and confirmed cases in America have now doubled that of mainland China. New York continues to be the epicentre of the virus, with the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, issuing an urgent appeal for aid and medical volunteers as deaths skyrocketed from 250 to 1,200 in a single day. “Please come help us in New York now,” said Cuomo at a press conference today. “We've lost over 1,000 New Yorkers -- to me, we're beyond staggering already. ” 

  • The World Bank has warned that the impact of coronavirus will leave millions in poverty, with “significant economic pain” unavoidable across all nations, particularly in East Asia and the Pacific, where millions of families rely on industries which have been destroyed by the virus, such as tourism and consumer manufacturing. The Bank has predicted that in China alone economic growth will slow from 6.1 per cent last year down to an estimated 2.3 per cent, leaving 35 million people below the poverty line in its worst-case scenario.

  • Spain has reached another record-high in the single-day death toll as more than 850 people have died in less than 24 hours. According to a running tally kept by John’s Hopkins University, confirmed cases in the nation now stand at 94,417.

  • In the UK, more than 1,808 patients have died after testing positive for coronavirus – a rise of 393 in one day, the largest single-day increase in deaths the UK has seen yet.

  • New reports of infections appear to be slowing in the Netherlands, although an increase in deaths and hospitalisations have reached record highs. The number of deaths due to coronavirus in the country has risen by 175 to 1,039 in the past 24 hours, the worst jump for the nation yet.

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