WHO warns there may be no “silver bullet” for Covid-19 

By - World Healthcare Journal

WHO warns there may be no “silver bullet” for Covid-19 

The World Health Organization has warned there might never be a “silver bullet” for the novel coronavirus such as a perfect vaccine and returning to normality will be a long process requiring strategic global action.

Dr Tedros has also stated that Covid-19 is a “once in a century” healthcare crisis, urging governments and citizens to realise the full gravity of the pandemic.

So far, more than 18.3m people around the world are confirmed to have contracted coronavirus, with potentially hundreds of thousands more who have gone untested and untreated.

Across the planet, nations believe they have surpassed the peak of the crisis; however, the threat of a second wave is now becoming a possibility as society begins to restart.

France and Britain both fear that a second wave of the virus will come in the winter, with the reopening of schools potentially accelerating this risk without further countermeasures. Additionally, Australia’s Victoria State has now entered into a “State of Disaster”, one level higher than the previous “State of Emergency”.

“The message to people and governments is clear: do it all,” said Dr Tedros at a virtual press conference.

“When it’s under control, keep going! Keep strengthening the health system, keep improving surveillance, contact tracing and ensure disrupted health services are restarted as quickly as possible,” he added.

Furthermore, he also stressed the importance of wearing face coverings, stating that wearing them should “represent solidarity” around the world.

“By wearing a mask, you’re sending a powerful message to those around you that we are all in this together. Wear a mask when appropriate, keep your physical distance from others and avoid crowded places, observe coughing etiquette, clean your hands frequently and you’ll be protecting yourself and others,” said Dr Tedros.

Dr Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, also shared his words of warning to countries with high and increasing transmission rates, such as Brazil.

“The way out is long and requires a sustained commitment,” he says.

“Some countries are going to have to take a step back now and really take a look at how they are addressing the pandemic within their national borders,” he added, recommending that some governments “reset” their approach to tackling the pandemic.

For now, only time will tell if a second wave of coronavirus will occur, and the steps which governments and citizens take in order to prevent this from happening will be vital to counteract the virus.

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