Xploro seeks funding for sibling support app

By - World Healthcare Journal

Xploro seeks funding for sibling support app

Nine years ago, Dom Raban, the founder of Xploro, became acutely aware of how little useful information is available to children suffering from cancer when his own daughter was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Even now, information for cancer patients is primarily distributed through confusing documents, rushed explanations, and booklets filled with medical jargon - hard enough for an adult to fully decipher, let alone a child.

In addition, staff who are tasked with explaining procedures and answering questions for children are far too thinly spread - resulting in a lack of understanding and further anxiety for young patients with cancer.

This was always the case until Xploro was founded. Designed to help young patients understand their illness and treatment through the use of their app, Xploro uses games, augmented reality, and child-focused AI in order to help children become more informed and less anxious about their time in hospital.

Now Xploro is seeking funding for a companion app to allow siblings of children being treated for cancer to better understand what their brother/sister is going through, and give them the support they need through such a scary and difficult time.

Furthermore, the new app will enable brothers and sisters to engage with their siblings through augmented reality, online games, and exchange messages through emojis and gestures such as hugs, making the whole process a lot less lonely - as hospitals can often be.

“We know from personal experience and from the research evidence that siblings of children going through treatment for serious illnesses experience a lot of emotions, including fear and anxiety, anger, jealousy, resentment, loneliness, guilt, sadness and grief,” says Dom.

“We can help children avoid some of these feelings by giving them age-appropriate information about their brother or sister's treatment, by providing a way for them to keep in touch with their brother or sister while they're away from home and by giving them space to express themselves. ” 

If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser please visit the crowdfunding page below.

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