Health November 13, 2018
Together we have a healthy future

By Steve Gardner - World Healthcare Journal

World Healthcare Journal (WHJ) crosses borders – because that is what delivering healthcare internationally requires. This is why, in healthcare more than in any other sector, true international collaboration is the key.

Healthcare is the world’s one true intergenerational and unstoppable growth market. Populations will continue to increase; we will all live longer, and both these factors expand demand exponentially.

This increased pace of demand inevitably leads to a greater impetus to augment the pace of innovation, along with the requirement for faster delivery. To achieve this, partnerships between providers and suppliers that take the best care around the world, amalgamate and deliver where it is most required, are vital.

The provision of healthcare, particularly in newer markets, needs to internationalise. This means both public and private sector providers and suppliers have to come together with their equivalents in other countries to provide the best results.

With WHJ we are creating a microcosm of the global marketplace, truly independent and unbiased towards any individual nation, market or system of healthcare policy or delivery.

WHJ’s agenda is to showcase the best models, ideas and systems of care for a global market. It aims to present the most effective ways to deliver them to do business in international healthcare. It should not matter where that care is provided or where it originates because we believe the most important aspect of our development as a human race is that healthcare should be affordable and available to every global citizen.

Some countries may be delivering great healthcare to their own citizens, but that doesn’t mean these systems and models are ideal or would work in other cultures and societies.

Care systems cannot simply be ‘transplanted’ from one nation to another. Partnership is vital, not just with a cohort of international colleagues for the delivery and supply of healthcare but also with customers. All clinicians know their patients and have much to teach about dealing with different conditions, challenging environments and the development of new solutions that can be brought home and encompassed into existing markets.

One of the exciting aspects of healthcare, as opposed to any other commercial marketplace, is that it exists in an environment where everyone shares the same goals of fighting disease, preserving life and keeping the workforce fit and healthy.

Improving the health of the world is a high priority for all nations. Whether the development of an international forum and portal for bringing together global partnerships to develop health projects can have an impact on that objective or not, only time will tell.

For all these reasons, we would like to see WHJ unpick the debate, add value and ultimately deliver change.

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