Developing a tapestry of talent

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Developing a tapestry of talent

The Middle East is a key market for healthcare, which continues to develop and diversify with ambitious programmes in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.   One of the major challenges for the delivery of healthcare in the region is not that of cost or construction – but of finding ‘best in class’ staff.

So how can this problem be solved? The solution lies in not just building a healthcare facility and attempting to fill the empty positions from the ground up alone – but by building from the top of the organisation down.

Through procuring and employing the very best senior level staff and project leaders, operators can identify the optimum requirement for their system, culture, and model to develop the facility they want.

“For a brand-new project, operators need leaders that provide immediate traction to get the project off the ground,” says Frank McKenna, Global Managing Director for Healthcare and Academia at Harvey Nash Alumni. “No client or hospital is ever the same. Having a bespoke offering to match client needs in terms of clinical and technical skills as well as leadership characteristics and value traits is something we have heavily invested in. ”

An international healthcare recruiter

Harvey Nash began its journey in healthcare executive search by specialising in senior-level appointments in the UK and Australia. Over the last decade the company has broadened its operations in healthcare globally, establishing itself as one of the leading talent acquisition organisations in the world.

“We have significant experience of appointing to senior executive, management and clinical roles on a global basis, bringing together diverse skills and teams that deliver quality and performance says McKenna. “One of the advantages of being a global team is that everything is integrated, rather than a fractured system where different units operate separately. It’s one team and a co-operative team. ”

“When clients are looking to attract a truly international presence, I think many potential competitors say that they are a global search firm. But some offices are disjointed because none of the separately located offices speak to each other,” adds Josh Blackman, Director of Interim Practice for Global Healthcare & Academia at Harvey Nash Alumni.

“We’re bringing people into the UK from Australia; we’re transferring talent to and from the UK to the Middle East, America and Asia. So whenever we do a piece of work for a client, it truly is an international search. ”

Which is why Harvey Nash, with decades of experience in executive-level talent search, outsourcing, and technology recruitment is keen to help clients within the healthcare market address many of the major concerns that they currently face in senior appointments and talent acquisition today.

Sourcing the best talent in the market

However, it’s very easy to find the solution on paper – but the question is, even once you’ve determined what staff are needed – how do you find them? In a market such as healthcare where the demand for the best talent is rapidly becoming more competitive, it isn’t easy to find a full leadership or C-suite team at the click of a button.

“You need top-level leadership, even at the front line with patients, creating the right culture to attract the required mix of skilled staff, from technical, clinical to the Board. Ensuring that the capabilities of the C-suite are in place gives the underpinning needed to develop a facility and build out from there,” says Blackman.

The first step in recruiting on a large scale is finding a talent pool which has been developed and maintained to the highest level – so clients have access to candidates who will bring motivation and passion, adding to the corporate culture and mission.

The second step, which is crucial, is ensuring that recruiters aren’t only looking at one pool – but are looking at a range of international health systems.

“Sometimes we’ve seen the tendency to fish from one region, one pool of talent. What you really want is a truly international, diverse, and professionally excellent pool to draw from, to weave together a tapestry of talent that delivers successfully for each client,” says McKenna.

Sourcing the best talent and nurturing growth in an organisation is no simple feat and, as we know, this is particularly hard to achieve within healthcare. But, by looking globally for the ‘best in class’, it’s becoming much easier to proactively develop solutions to the unique issues faced in healthcare.

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