How your Smartphone can Save your Life

By - World Healthcare Journal
How your Smartphone can Save your Life

A recent study, from the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian, has found that smartphone apps monitoring heart rate are five times more effective at diagnosing serious heart conditions when compared to standard tests.


The apps measure an electrocardiogram (ECG), allowing patients to record their heartbeat at home. Devices have shown to be effective at detecting abnormalities, such as palpitations which could help save lives.


Around 240 patients who had complaints of irregular heartbeats or who were feeling light headed and had arrived at 15 A&E departments throughout the UK took part in the study.


More than half of the people involved downloaded the AliveCor Kardia Mobile App and were instructed to activate it when they experienced palpitations. The ECG result was sent to a doctor, where accurate and immediate diagnosis could take place.


Shockingly, only 10 per cent of the 116 patients who were given standard tests were successfully diagnosed in an average time of 43 days. The 90 per cent of patients undiagnosed were told to return to their GP or A&E should their symptoms reappear.


“This device is an easy, cheap way to diagnose heart rhythm problems which usually see people attending emergency departments several times before they’re diagnosed,” says Dr Matthew Reed of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.


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