The Christie – developing partnerships in oncology

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The Christie - developing partnerships in oncology

Manchester is renowned for being at the cutting edge of scientific discovery and for oncology care; The Christie has led in many of the global advancements in cancer research. A determined focus on achieving excellent clinical outcomes for patients drives everything that The Christie does, whether in the clinical care offered, the education and training of its staff or the research collaborations in place to find new cancer treatments.

A strong emphasis is also placed on capturing the experience of patients and carers and The Christie has a number of different initiatives in place to ensure their views are continuously shaping the services provided. National patient surveys have demonstrated the value and trust patients and their families have in the care they have received with more than 98 per cent recommending The Christie as a place for treatment.

One of the most technologically advanced centres in the world, The Christie is accredited as a comprehensive cancer centre by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) and was the first specialist trust in the UK to be given the highest accolade of ‘Outstanding’ twice by the national Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Not just treating cancer but in managing and preventing the adverse effects of cancer treatment, The Christie is leading the way, with its ‘Enhanced Supportive Care’ initiative receiving a national ‘Quality in Care’ patient care pathway award in February 2016. Dr Richard Berman is NHS England’s national lead in this specialty which is generating tremendous international interest.

“Here at The Christie, we are committed to providing exceptional levels of care to our patients and are delighted to be able to work with international partners to share our experience. Our aim is to develop high quality, long term relationships that drive transformation in oncology services”

The expertise of the clinical teams at The Christie ensures that patients have access to a comprehensive portfolio of treatment options:

  • One of the world’s largest radiotherapy departments with extensive experience of developing digitally networked local cancer facilities. The UK’s first comprehensive high energy Proton Beam therapy (PBT) service has recently been established on The Christie site, so patients from across the country will now be able to receive this specialised form of radiotherapy in the UK rather than having to travel abroad.
  • One of the UK’s largest systemic anti-cancer therapy services with chemotherapy provided not only at the main hospital site, but also across a network of local hospitals, clinics, patient homes. It also provides a mobile chemotherapy unit which travels to more remote locations for greater patient convenience. There is also on-site expertise in treating haematological cancers and bone marrow transplantation techniques.
  • World leading specialist oncology surgery with more than 10 years’ experience in robotic surgery. It is one of two specialist centres nationally to undertake complex surgery for peritoneal cancer.
  • Acknowledged expertise in PET-CT and complex interventional radiology techniques.

Global innovations and discovery

The Christie not only provides excellent clinical services, but is internationally renowned for innovations in oncology research. It is a major recruiter to clinical trials in cancer with more than 650 studies running at any one time and 150 new studies undertaken each year.

A close working relationship with the University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK has facilitated the highly successful creation of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded Biomedical Research Centre (BRC).

The Academy of Medical Sciences, an independent body in the UK representing the diversity of medical science, recently elected 50 leading figures within biomedical and health sciences to their esteemed Fellowship. Those elected included The Christie’s Director of Research, Professor John Radford and Professor Rob Bristow, The Christie’s Chief Academic Officer and MCRC Director.

The application of Big Data in generating real-time outcomes is an area The Christie has partnered with industry to lead. This data is used to benchmark clinical outcomes, secure patient-reported outcome measures, identify tumour biomarkers and make strides in the areas of genomics and proteomics.

Recent collaborations

China - Selected, as part of an NHS led consortium, to provide support to the Rongqiao Group in building, equipping and staffing new oncology facilities.

Ireland - Advised on the implementation of state-of-the-art radiotherapy techniques in Cork University Hospital’s new radiation oncology centre.

Kazakhstan - Hosted eight observers on placements across a variety of specialities from the East Kazakhstan Regional Oncology Centre.

Netherlands - Collaborated with Maastricht University and other international partners to pioneer a new approach to research using specialist software that could enable doctors to learn from every patient treated, not just those involved in trials.

Zimbabwe - International bursary enabling staff to volunteer to visit Parirenyatwa Hospital, to exchange knowledge around radiotherapy and teach students at the Harare School of Radiography.

Our skilled professionals

Recognising that the workforce is the most important asset in delivering excellent quality patient-centred care, The Christie places significant importance on the recruitment and retention of highly skilled professionals through offering a comprehensive range of education and training opportunities.

The hospital has the only comprehensive School of Oncology in the UK and provides a full range of academic and vocational opportunities for all healthcare professionals. These are delivered locally in state of the art training facilities at The Christie in Manchester with the opportunity for external streaming at other venues, or through an online training portal designed by an award-winning technology enhanced learning team. This includes a Proton School and PET-CT Academy.

Partnerships and collaborations

The Christie recognises the immense value gained from establishing long term, mutually beneficial partnerships in terms of clinical excellence, academic leadership and commercial return.

“Here at The Christie, we are committed to providing exceptional levels of care to our patients and are delighted to be able to work with international partners to share our experience. Our aim is to develop high quality, long term relationships that drive transformation in oncology services,” says Professor Peter Trainer, The Christie’s Clinical Lead for International Partnerships.

“As Cork University Hospital continues to evolve with the potential to become a “great” hospital, the collaboration with The Christie has helped us to challenge ourselves about our performance, but more importantly serve to differentiate Cork University Hospital from other Irish hospitals by benchmarking our performance against the best performers internationally,” says Tony McNamara, CEO at Cork University Hospital which partners with The Christie.

It is in recognition of The Christie’s ambition to innovate, alongside its impressive performance in improving patient outcomes and experience, that has inspired healthcare organisations to partner with The Christie and attracts international fellows and observers from around the world.

The Christie welcomes the opportunity to establish further affiliations with international healthcare partners.


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