Health March 27, 2020
ROUNDUP: UK PM Boris Johnson has tested positive for Covid-19 

By Fabian Sutch-Daggett - World Healthcare Journal

Today, the US surpassed China in cases of coronavirus, with Italy on course to exceed China as well. This comes as the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, tested positive for Covid-19, as well as Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Here are the coronavirus updates from around the world: 

  • UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, today announced via Twitter that he had contracted coronavirus. This was shortly followed by an announcement from the UK’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, that he too has now tested positive for the coronavirus. This follows a sharp increase of 181 deaths since 5PM yesterday, the highest day-increase in fatalities that the UK has seen yet. Spain also recorded its highest single-day increase in deaths due to coronavirus today.

  • The US has now reached 86,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, officially surpassing China as the nation with the most confirmed cases in the world. Italy too is set to surpass China shortly. New York City continues to be the epicentre of the American outbreak, with the current confirmed total in the state standing at 23,112 as of late Thursday evening.

  • The enormous acceleration in cases in the US has led to the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, to criticise Donald Trump’s plan to restart the economy by April 12th. “You don’t make the timeline. The virus makes the timeline. ” Dr Fauci told CNN. “If we keep seeing this acceleration, it doesn’t matter what you say. One week, two weeks, three weeks — you’ve got to go with what the situation on the ground is. ” 

  • Italy has warned that it has not yet reached the peak of the virus, according to the chief of Italy’s national health institution, Silvio Brusaferro. “We haven’t reached the peak and we haven’t passed it,” he stated today. “When the descent begins, how steep it is will depend on our behaviour,” he added, urging citizens to continue to adhere to government lockdown and social distancing measures. This follows a rise of more than 900 deaths in just 24 hours.

  • France has extended the national lockdown for a further two weeks to combat the spread of the virus. “After these first 10 days of confinement, it is clear that we are just at the beginning of this epidemic wave. It has submerged eastern France and now it is arriving in the Paris region and northern France,” said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at a press conference earlier today. Following this, he announced that the period of lockdown would be extended from Tuesday next week - with potential further extensions if necessary.

  • German lawmakers today approved a €750bn rescue package to protect the nation from the worst economic impacts from Covid-19. The fund will be used to prop up healthcare services, support small business, and workers who are either unemployed, self-employed, or on temporary contracts.

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