Global coronavirus cases surpass 10 million, death toll exceeds 500,000

By - World Healthcare Journal

Global coronavirus cases surpass 10 million, death toll exceeds 500,000

On Sunday, the world surpassed two grim milestones in the coronavirus pandemic, hitting 500,000 confirmed deaths, ten million cases, and a record high for daily cases, as individual outbreaks around the world continue to worsen.

More than 165,​534 cases were reported yesterday alone, with Brazil and the US representing nearly 50 per cent of them according to WHO.

Many governments are now also facing the prospect of having to reintroduce measures to prevent the resurgence of the virus.

Texas, which has been seen a sizeable surge in the past few weeks, has announced the requirement of wearing masks in public and shut down bars and restaurants, which had only recently been allowed to reopen. The move was met with protests and demonstrations from various groups against mandatory mask-wearing.

“Covid-19 has taken a very swift and very dangerous turn in Texas over just the past few weeks; the daily number of cases have gone from an average of about 2,000, to more than 5,000," Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, said on Sunday.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom also re-closed bars in seven counties, including Los Angeles, ordering them to close immediately, and urged eight other counties in the state to issue local health orders mandating the same.

"Californians must remain vigilant against this virus," Newsom said at a press briefing. "COVID-19 is still circulating in California, and in some parts of the state, growing stronger. That is why it is critical we take this step to limit the spread of the virus in the counties that are seeing the biggest increases."

India has also seen a record spike in coronavirus infections, reaching 548,318 total cases as of Monday - a jump of nearly 100,000 in a week, which has led local governments to reimpose lockdown measures across the nation.

New clusters of cases at a nightclub in Switzerland and in the city of Leicester also show that the virus still continues to be prevalent in Europe, although not to the same extent as current hotspots.

These grim statistics also coincide with the six-month milestone since the WHO initially received reports of unusual pneumonia clusters in China.

“Six months ago, none of us could have imagined how our world and our lives would have been thrown into turmoil by this virus. This pandemic has brought out the best and the worst of humanity,” said WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a press briefing yesterday.

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