Health February 17, 2019
Eyes ahead

By Jackie Brinicombe - World Healthcare Journal

Moorfields clinicians are world-renowned for the contributions they have made to the research and development of new ophthalmology treatments.

The UK’s National Health Service is highly regarded globally, having a reputation for delivering exceptional research-based treatment and care, especially in its specialist centres. Commonly, it’s the consultants that have been involved in the research that deliver the care – especially in its specialist centres.

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has a network of over 30 NHS sites in London and the south east of England. It is the leading provider of eye health services in the UK and a world-class centre of excellence for ophthalmic research and education. Moorfields’ reputation for providing the highest quality of ophthalmic care has developed over 200 years and it has more than 2,000 staff committed to sustaining and building on its pioneering history, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of developments in ophthalmology.

Moorfields provides a wide range of ophthalmic services, caring for patients with routine medical needs as well as those with rare and complex conditions. It serves the NHS and private sectors in the UK, and delivers care through its international facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 2017/18 saw the 10th anniversary of operations in Dubai and the first year of operations in Moorfields Eye Hospital Centre in Abu Dhabi. Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai has seen around 160,000 patients and performed over 13,000 surgeries in the last decade. Both sites undertake general ophthalmology and refractive laser services.

Moorfields plays a leading role in the training and education of eye care clinicians, integrating with strategic partners. Along with its partners at University College London’s Institute of Ophthalmology, Moorfields is recognised as one of the world’s leading centres of excellence in eye and vision research and provides private services both in the UK and internationally.

Pioneering research

Moorfields and their research partners at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology form one of the largest ophthalmic research sites in the world, with the largest patient population in Europe and the USA. Moorfields and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology publish more scientific papers than any other eye and vision research site in the world and have an extensive joint research portfolio. Together, they published over 600 research papers in 2017/18.

“In March, a research team announced a major step towards curing the most common form of blindness in the UK – age-related macular degeneration”

In March, a research team co-led by Professor Lyndon da Cruz, retinal surgeon at Moorfields Private, announced a major step towards curing the most common form of blindness in the UK – age-related macular degeneration. The successful trial on patients using the new stem cell-based treatment was a world first and those who received the treatment regained enough vision to be able to read again. The team says that further research could lead to an ‘off-the-shelf’ treatment within five years.

Working with overseas markets

Moorfields’ impressive reputation is why overseas organisations regularly choose to send their patients to Moorfields Private, (the private patient division
of Moorfields Eye Hospital) and other specialist NHS hospitals – demonstrated by the 6.5 per cent growth in overseas activity in 2017 (London Private Patient Units) compared to the independent sector, which has seen a decline in overseas activity (according to LaingBuisson’s Acute Private Healthcare report, 2017).

Moorfields Private in central London comprises the Moorfields Private Outpatient Centre and the Admission and Refractive Suite, providing consulting, diagnostic and admission facilities for both general ophthalmology and refractive laser services. Moorfields Private also has private consulting rooms at Upper Wimpole Street in London’s West End. In 2017/18, it saw more than 35,000 outpatients and admitted approximately 5,500 patients for surgical procedures making a considerable financial surplus which is invested back into the Moorfields NHS services.

Potential overseas partners who wish to secure private treatment for their patients in the UK, such as embassies, corporate and referral organisations, are identified and managed through Moorfields Private’s own business development activities.

Once private referral agreements are secured, the Moorfields Private Referrer Engagement team acts as a single point of contact to manage the whole patient pathway, from sourcing the right consultants for the patients’ clinical needs, to booking the outpatient and inpatient treatment and providing the medical reports for onward treatment and care back in country. The team also facilitates the payment process for private treatment in line with Moorfields Private’s and consultants’ own tariffs, enabling overseas patients to access the outstanding private care at Moorfields easily and quickly.

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