Recognising the pioneering work of Moorfields Private

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Recognising the pioneering work of Moorfields Private

The experience of losing sight is distressing, and can be isolating for those affected. At Moorfields Private, the London-based private division of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MEH), people’s sight matters and this belief motivates everyone every day.

As part of Moorfields’ heritage, Moorfields Private Eye Hospital is committed to delivering patient-centred care with exceptional clinical outcomes and excellent patient experience, working in partnerships that innovate and deliver world-leading, evidence-based eye care treatments.

International and UK private patients choose Moorfields Private because of its world-class reputation and the excellence of its clinical staff, who lead the way in research and development of ground-breaking treatments. These include providing treatment and care for adults and children with a wide range of eye problems, including some of the most complex eye health conditions that cannot be treated anywhere else in the world.

As a result, Moorfields Private has recently been recognised as “Outstanding” for surgical services by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) at its recent inspection of private services at Moorfields City Road, London. Inspectors commented that the care within surgical services for patients is “innovative” and provides “excellent emotional and practical support to patients”, with staff being praised for their compassionate care.

Putting the people affected by sight loss at the centre of everything Moorfields Private does is essential if we are to support their needs. For this reason, the financial surplus of Moorfields Private is re-invested back into Moorfields to support its NHS patient care.

A long tradition of innovation Since it was founded in 1804, Moorfields has been at the forefront of research, education and training in ophthalmology, working alongside its partners, the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, the National Institute for Health Research and Moorfields Eye Charity to deliver innovative, evidence-based eye care. Examples include:

  • Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London set up the London Project to Cure Blindness. The project restored the sight of the first patients receiving a new treatment derived from stem cell technology.
  • Moorfields’ collaborative and pioneering research study with DeepMind Health showing that artificial intelligence could be used to help diagnose eye diseases.
  • Moorfields has been selected as one of seven new health data research hubs that aim to give patients across the UK faster access to pioneering new treatments. Led by Health Data Research UK, these hubs bring together different types of health data, making it more easily accessible for research, while maintaining strict controls around data privacy and consent. The eye health hub at Moorfields will use data and advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence, to develop new insights into eye disease and explore how these learnings can be applied to wider health areas such as dementia and diabetes.

In addition, a pioneering research study published in March 2019 has shown that using a laser-based treatment on newly diagnosed cases of glaucoma is more successful and cost-effective than the current method of using intraocular pressure-lowering eye drops.

The procedure, called selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) is extremely quick and performed at the clinic, lowering intra-ocular pressure (IOP) by using lasers to facilitate the flow of fluid from the eye. The results showed that patients who received SLT were more regularly at the target IOP, with less chance of treatment escalation being required and a lower need for both glaucoma surgery and cataract extractions when compared with patients who received the eye drops.

A further study to investigate the long-term effects is due to conclude in 2020, funded by the NIHR HTA, alongside Moorfields Eye Charity, Fight for Sight, and the International Glaucoma Association.

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