France announces face masks will be mandatory in workplaces

By - World Healthcare Journal

France announces face masks will be mandatory in workplaces

The French government has announced that It will be compulsory to wear face masks in most workplaces from 1 September.

An official confirmed the move earlier today, following rumours that the current administration would announce the policy this week. The new rules will likely be implemented in shared indoor workspaces, such as offices and factories, but some workplaces will be exempt from the legislation.

At present, the coronavirus rate of infection in France is above the level considered to be “high risk” by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

France saw an enormous 3,310 new infections in the just 24 hours over the weekend, the largest number since Emanuel Macron eased the country’s lockdown on 13 May.

However, most of the new cases that are currently being reported in France are younger demographics, who suffer less severe symptoms in comparison with the elderly.

“The French people who are being diagnosed with the disease these days are mainly in the 20-to-40 age group and are less vulnerable. Old people are continuing to protect themselves,” says Olivier Véran, the health minister for France.

Furthermore, reports from the BBC have indicated that a large majority of new coronavirus cases are stemming from non-medical workplaces, such as offices and shops.

“A theme that appears in all scientific opinions is the value of wearing masks when there are several people in a confined space,” says France’s employment minister, Élisabeth Borne.

However, it appears that the rule will not be applicable at all times in the workplace, only during certain situations. “The obligation to wear masks will apply in meeting rooms where there is no natural ventilation and in areas where people are moving about,” Borne added.

It is expected that President Macron’s administration will move to push the measures through before schools resume, in an effort to counteract any further spikes which may occur near this time.

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