Health February 25, 2019
REPORT: Delivering the future of genomics in partnership

By News - World Healthcare Journal

IQVIA and Genomics England collaborate to enable real-world clinical-genomics research. This brings Genomics England's growing database of clinical and genomic data together with IQVIA's experience of data analytics.

Genomics is one of the fastest growing branches of medical science, and it is already driving a paradigm shift in how we diagnose and treat illness. Only 15 years on from the first complete sequencing of a human genome, in the United States there are now over 250 medicines approved for treatment based on a person’s genomics.

In 2013 the UK Government announced the ambitious goal to sequence 100,000 genomes; a goal achieved by Genomics England in December 2018. The objective is now to take the genomic research into NHS practice, and over whole genome sequencing to children and adults with rare disease and some forms of cancer. It is hoped the number of whole genomes sequenced will expand to five million.

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Professor Joanne Hackett – Chief Commercial Officer Genomics England – joanne.hackett@

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