HealthJanuary 27, 2020
Dubai’s growing healthcare sector
Dubai leads the way for private sector participation in healthcare in the MENA region, says Dr Ibtesam Al Bastaki, Director, Investment and Partnership Department, Dubai Health Authority
HealthNovember 25, 2019
Visions of Healthcare
Could Population Health Partnerships deliver better working relationships between industry and public health systems? asks Conor Burke, Strategic Advisor at Visions4Health
HealthNovember 8, 2019
The Christie - developing partnerships in oncology
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is Europe’s largest single site cancer centre and has been at the forefront of innovations in cancer care for more than 100 years
HealthOctober 29, 2019
Developing transitional care across the world
The Royal Bucks aims to build a specialist rehabilitation network across the globe, says Chris Campbell, Business Development Director and Andrew Norman, Hospital Director
HealthOctober 28, 2019
Mobilising healthcare across the globe
David Cole, CEO of Q-bital Healthcare Solutions, explains how mobile solutions can provide rapid first-class care for health facilities in need
HealthOctober 16, 2019
Investing in Dubai’s healthcare sector
Dubai remains one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, it is a land of opportunity and a destination for those seeking a safe and stable haven to grow their investments and businesses, says His Excellency Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Qutami, Director General, Dubai Health Authority.
HealthOctober 4, 2019
Building the hospitals of tomorrow
WHJ Editor Sarah Cartledge speaks to Richard Cantlay, Mott MacDonald’s Global Head of Healthcare Facilities, about his vision for a new era of hospital design and planning.
HealthOctober 4, 2019
Moving the bell curve
Simon Swift of Methods Analytics on how data-driven, clinically-led service improvement work can detect fluctuating standards of care in unique populations.
HealthJune 5, 2019
WHO’s Jim Campbell explores the healthcare workforce crisis
As crisis looms in the healthcare workforce, with an estimated 18m workers required by 2030, WHJ Publishing Director Steve Gardner discusses the World Health Organization’s role in ensuring a sustainable health workforce with WHO Director of Workforce, Jim Campbell.

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