HealthMarch 26, 2020
The Digital Doctor
Trainee doctors should learn coding to better understand healthcare technology to aid their patients, says Erwann Le Lannou, medical student and digital healthcare adviser
HealthJuly 8, 2019
HPV is a ticking time bomb, says Professor Chris Nutting
As the new initiative to vaccinate boys against HPV begins in September, Professor Chris Nutting speaks about the urgent need to protect ourselves against the HPV virus.
HealthJune 10, 2019
The Mums on the Frontline of Ebola
Christina Lamb OBE, Chief Foreign Correspondent for The Sunday Times, meets the mothers on the frontline of Ebola prevention.
HealthJune 5, 2019
The Christie is globalising cancer education and training
Globalising opportunities for education, training and knowledge exchange is a key priority for The Christie and its partners says Professor Richard Cowan, Director of The Christie School of Oncology
HealthApril 2, 2019
Upskilling Vietnam's Workforce
Thanks to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, Professor Martin Corbally and his team are saving children’s lives in Vietnam.
HealthMarch 28, 2019
Global Learning
Globalising opportunities for education, training, and knowledge exchange is a win-win for global health systems, says Ged Byrne Director of Global Engagement for Health Education England.

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