Health ProfessionsJanuary 28, 2019
Digital expansion in China and the effect on healthcare
As the health needs of the population continue to grow China must provide additional resource and apply significant innovation and creativity to meet these demands, says Healthcare Consultant Dr Harriet Leyland
AcuteJanuary 28, 2019
New technology bolsters successful imunisation programmes for children in Kenya
Vaccination programmes save the lives of over 2.5m children globally every year. But despite the obvious benefits of effective immunisation programs, 19m children across the globe are not fully vaccinated and three million infant deaths are caused by unnecessary outbreaks.
HealthJanuary 28, 2019
Personal Overview
Knowing your own health is the first step towards happy and healthy living says Reddy Sanikommu, Medintu Founder.
Health PolicyFebruary 18, 2019
The shift to digital healthcare
Navigating the new digital healthcare landscape is challenging for everyone, says Dr Niti Pall, Medical Director, KPMG’s Global Health Practice
Health PolicyFebruary 18, 2019
Data governance: Driving value in healthcare
Healthcare organisations and systems need to be agile to respond to constant change, says Paul Henderson, Head of Public Sector Data and Analytics at KPMG in the UK
HealthMarch 21, 2019
How your Smartphone can Save your Life
A recent study, from the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian, has found that smartphone apps monitoring heart rate are five times more effective at diagnosing serious heart conditions when compared to standard tests.

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