HealthSeptember 15, 2020
Ensuring success within contact tracing
Contact-tracing apps need to have almost total uptake to be successful, say Vincenzo Salvatore and Giulia Tenaglia of BonelliErede
HealthApril 14, 2020
The acceleration of digital technology within healthcare 
As many of us have adapted to radical and brand-new methods of working and living, no sector has needed to operate more efficiently at this moment than the healthcare sector.
HealthApril 8, 2020
Mapping the future
A new report by Public Policy Projects into Excellence in The UK Research Ecosystem provides confidence in the sector post Brexit
HealthMarch 26, 2020
The Digital Doctor
Trainee doctors should learn coding to better understand healthcare technology to aid their patients, says Erwann Le Lannou, medical student and digital healthcare adviser
HealthFebruary 14, 2020
Making hospitals happier
Dom Raban, the founder of Xploro Health, talks to WHJ about how children’s patient experiences can be made easier, safer and more comfortable through the use of digital information services
HealthFebruary 12, 2020
Digital Health: In conversation
Claire Petts and Simon Gamblin of Clyde & Co discuss the role of digital within the international healthcare sphere with WHJ’s Steve Gardner
HealthFebruary 10, 2020
The argument for a whole life patient record
Dr Stan Shepherd, CEO of Instant Access Medical, investigates the emerging need for patient-held whole life records in modern-day healthcare
HealthFebruary 7, 2020
Keeping the quality of care in check through advanced AI
WHJ speaks to Richard Oakley, Head of Analytics at Methods Analytics, and MD Simon Swift about their expert systems to keep the quality of care consistent throughout the UK

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