HealthJune 6, 2019
The global rise of opioid abuse
Our Integrated Health Correspondent, Dan Male, investigates a challenge of international proportions.
HealthJune 5, 2019
WHO’s Jim Campbell explores the healthcare workforce crisis
As crisis looms in the healthcare workforce, with an estimated 18m workers required by 2030, WHJ Publishing Director Steve Gardner discusses the World Health Organization’s role in ensuring a sustainable health workforce with WHO Director of Workforce, Jim Campbell.
HealthJune 5, 2019
The Christie is globalising cancer education and training
Globalising opportunities for education, training and knowledge exchange is a key priority for The Christie and its partners says Professor Richard Cowan, Director of The Christie School of Oncology
HealthMay 31, 2019
The future of malaria vaccines
New malaria vaccines aim to move beyond reducing malaria disease and death to the longer-term goals of elimination and eradication, says Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham, Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at Kings College London, and Professor Trevor M Jones, founder member of Medicines for Malaria.

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