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HealthSeptember 24, 2021
Vaxi Taxi: the simple and innovative vaccination programme with equity at its core
Ensuring everyone has equal access to good healthcare is fundamental to reducing health inequalities. Dr Sharon Raymond, GP and director of Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation, is making accessibility easier through her Vaxi Taxi project, which helps those in London’s most vulnerable communities' access
HealthAugust 17, 2021
Can digital innovation reduce healthcare inequalities?
Covid-19 overshadows all our lives. But just because we are battling the same storm does not mean we are all in the same boat. The people likely to be most exposed to coronavirus, and to suffer most from the resulting interventions, are disproportionally those already disadvantaged in society.

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"Opportunities are cropping up at a startling rate across the developing health economies with PPP the funding flavour of choice for poorer governments, but is it right for their needs?" Barry Francis – Infrastructure Correspondent

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  • Arab Health is the largest healthcare event in the Middle East. The 2020 edition of the event is expected to welcome more than 4,150 exhibiting companies and 84,500+ attendees from 160+ countries.

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  • Transforming Dubai into a leading healthcare destination by fostering innovative and integrated care models and by enhancing community engagement.

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  • Healthcare UK is a joint initiative of the Department of Health (DH), UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and NHS England, helping UK healthcare providers to do more business overseas.

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  • Medilink UK is the largest health technology business support organisation in the UK, with a strong track record in increasing the viability of manufacturers, service providers, designers, OEMs and suppliers of medical technology.

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  • Q-bital has pioneered the development of flexible healthcare delivery. It draws on 18 years of innovation and excellence to provide tailored healthcare facilities.

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  • KPMG member firms are uniquely positioned to provide guidance and support to clients, helping them successfully navigate this rapidly changing environment and transform the way that healthcare is provided.

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